Shameless yet professional groveling.

Might I bother you for just a moment?  Thanks, it won’t take long.  Give me a show of hands. Who likes to golf? As I suspected, a whole bunch of hands just went up.  OK, now who would like to get out of the office on a Monday, play 18 holes on one of Colorado’s 2016golfinvite-covermost beautiful courses, hang with friends and colleagues, network in a fun, relaxing (well, if golf can be at all relaxing) environment AND do all that while helping to give cancer victims a chance at winning the fight of their lives? Not a bad gig.

Well, now you can. All you have to do is join us for the 10th annual Drive for a Cure charitable golf tournament to benefit Colorado Cancer Research Program (CCRP). It all happens on Monday, May 23 at the beautiful Valley Country Club in Centennial. Foursomes are now available as are a variety of sponsorships, with all sorts of wonderful perks and bennies for your company, organization or business.  It’s an 18-hole scramble format, includes breakfast, lunch, prizes, a live auction with some pretty incredible loot, cash bar, a few surprises and lots more.

The summer months are filled with charity golf tourneys, but there aren’t many taking place in the spring, which makes this even more unique. Longtime Denver radio host Murphy Huston of KOSI 101.1 will once again be our host and master of ceremonies that 2016golfinvite-sponsorday and we are honored to have him with us.  You may or may not know that Murphy is a breast cancer survivor. Yes, folks. Men get breast cancer, too.  And as you might expect, Murphy is a huge fan of CCRP and the incredible work we do every day to help more and more cancer victims win the fight of their lives.

So, how about it? You know you want to. In the words of Nike, JUST DO IT!  Yes, I’m going to hard-sell this puppy up to the point of almost begging. Or maybe not almost. Information is contained in the graphics that accompany this post, but I’m also available and happy to answer any and all questions you might have. Click here to send me an email or you can call our front desk at 303.777.2663 and just ask for me.

C’mon, friends. Combining your love of golf with fun networking and business opportunities AND the chance to help save so many lives—doesn’t get much better than that. Let’s talk!

Oh—and, of course, GO BRONCOS! Gotta admit, I’m just a little nervous that it’s the Panthers and not the Cardinals we’ll be playing in the big SB50. But we’ve proven the critics and naysayers wrong countless times. We can do it again. Hey, if the Denver defense is as hot as they were against the Patriots, we’ve got this!


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